Price Drop on Buy My Store!

I have dropped the price on the Buy My Store sale! It was originally on sale for $22 Dollars and has been dropped down to only $15 Dollars!
My web hosting will be terminated on June 2nd of this year so you have a small window of opportunity to get everything in my store for this sale price.

After you have made your purchase I will send you a coupon code that you can use. As soon as you’ve added all the products from my shop into your shopping cart (minus the Buy My Store product) you can use the coupon code you were given and your entire payment will be $0.00

Since you’ve already paid for the Buy My Store product you do NOT need to add that product to your cart again. If you do, you WILL be charged for it all over again and chances are, you don’t want that to happen, lol.

If you have any questions or concerns about making sure you receive all your products please send me an email at the email address below. Please let me know the reason you are writing to me because I do receive a lot of email’s each day from all my online groups & I would hate to miss your email.

Thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.