I’m Back Baby!

Well, I went and did it again, lol.
I had so many emails from friends and family about reopening my shop that I decided to reopen it one last time. And, this WILL be the absolute last time this will happen so don’t even ask about it again if I decide to close it from having lack of customers, lol. I mean it now, don’t even beg either because it won’t work a second time.
Jeez, who am I kidding, lol.

So, anyway. You all know the routine. Create a new account by clicking on the link above that reads “My Account”. Since this is my “reopened” shop you’ll have to create a new account all over again. But, I promise it is completely painless, lol.

I’ve been going through some older scrap kits of mine and found a few that I thought I would revamp with some new papers and elements. Now, those are taking me a little longer to finish but I will get those done and uploaded here to my shop asap.

If you’re interested in all my commercial use products; you won’t find those here in my shop any longer. I will however be creating a CU Members Group for anyone who is interested in joining it. There WILL be a small subscription fee for joining it though. Stay tuned for more information about that.

Okay, I think that about does it. You can find the shop by clicking on the link above that reads; (you guessed it, lol) “Shop”.
If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns just let me know. You can either send me an email or reply to this post.

thanks and hugs,