New Products

Well it seems to be a busy month for me, lol. First I start up my scrapbook shop again and now I have some new products for you too.

So, I had these digital scrap kits just laying around so I thought I would resize all of them for taggers. There are 13 of these new tagger kits in all and after looking through my folders I realize that there are some more tagger kits that I already added to my shop that might be new to some of you as well. Whew, that was a mouthful of words to write in one sentence, lol.

Anyway, you can have a look in the shop and see what I am talking about. To see the new products, click on the “SHOP” link above in the menu. Then click on the Tagger Kits category and then click the link above the product previews that reads “SORT BY NEWNESS”. That should do it.

thanks and hugs, Mod Girl.