Buy My Store Sale!

Well it’s November already and oh my, how the time flies, lol. I thought for the entire month of November I would offer a Buy My Store sale. All the products in my shop are included in this sale. The categories in my shop include; CU Digital, CU Taggers, Mega Tagger Kits and Tagger Kits. The Buy My Store sale will last for the entire month of November and then the sale will be over. You can learn more about this sale HERE.

Almost Done, Yay!

Well, I’m almost done adding all my commercial use products to the shop. I have all the cu tagger sized products added and now I’m just trying to finish adding the rest of the cu digital products. Wowzers! What a chore it has been, lol.

Anyway, just wanted to update all of you with the progress of the products being added. I’m almost there, only got 36 more products to add and then I’m done. Thank heavens!

Thanks and hugs, Mod Girl