Buy My Store Sale!

I’m having another buy my store sale in my shop! My hubby had a triple bypass over a week ago and cannot work for over a month so I am in need of funds to help with buying food so we don’t starve. It costs much more to eat healthy and that is what my hubby has to do right now while he is recovering from the open heart surgery. He is getting along fine after the surgery but groceries are getting harder to purchase because he is out of work for a month and we have to save whatever money we have left just to pay our bills like rent and electric. So any little bit will help right now and would be very much appreciated.

I want to thank all my online friends who sent prayers for hubby when he was in the hospital having his surgery. Thank you all so very, very much!

Now, back to the buy my store sale…. When you make this purchase I will send you a coupon that you can use in my shop. You will need to add ALL the products from my shop into your shopping cart and THEN after you’ve done that, you must use the coupon code into the empty form box (below your order) and then click the button that reads, “Apply Coupon” and then you will checkout. All the download links will be located in your account area. Look for a link that reads “Downloads” or something like that and you should see ALL the links to the products from my shop for you to download.

This sale will last for 2 weeks but your download links will be available for as long as you have an account in my shop. If you need any help with using the coupon code or with your account please do not hesitate to ask! You can send me mail at the address below and please label your email with “About My Account” or something along those lines so that I can get to it asap. Thanks for visiting my site and hugs to all my online friends, you are so loved!

Buy My Store Sale!

Well it’s November already and oh my, how the time flies, lol. I thought for the entire month of November I would offer a Buy My Store sale. All the products in my shop are included in this sale. The categories in my shop include; CU Digital, CU Taggers, Mega Tagger Kits and Tagger Kits. The Buy My Store sale will last for the entire month of November and then the sale will be over. You can learn more about this sale HERE.