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For those interested in purchasing my new mega tagger kit “Fashionable“, I have a coupon code for you today that you can use to get it for free. Just add $10 dollars worth of products to your cart (including the Fashionable Mega Kit) and you’ll receive the mega kit for free! You can use the coupon code below. Be sure and add the coupon code AND the mega kit to your cart BEFORE you check out so you won’t get billed for it. This coupon code will be available until the end of this month and it will then expire.

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Fashionable Mega Tagger Kit
I’ve been watching some old streaming shows of Project Runway and the whole time I was watching it I kept thinking that I should really make a “fashion” themed tag kit. What you see above is the result of all that thinking, lol. I must say, I was a little outside my comfort zone when making this kit, mainly because I kept trying to figure out what kind of elements I wanted to add to it. The papers were pretty easy to make but after adding around 70 or so elements to the kit, I was getting tired of looking through all my folders for some so I just started making my own to finish off the kit.

Of course using the kit in my tags is the main reason for making it, so here’s the first tag I came up with using this kit: