Buy My Store Sale is back!

The Buy My Store sale is back! It took me awhile but I FINALLY got all the products added back to my shop (minus the ones I need to create some previews for). It will still take me awhile to get some previews made for all the products that don’t have any. I’m pretty tired right now with all the work I’ve had to do to add all the products back to my shop but just as soon as I can, I will get the rest of those previews made and added too.

You’ll find some new stuff in the shop when you start looking through all the products too. I had created a few paper packs for taggers that I kept forgetting about so I don’t think you’ve ever seen those before. Oh, and some mini tagger kits have also been added to the shop as well. I lost one of those previews but I can whip up a preview for the papers of one of those mini kits that I couldn’t find. It shouldn’t take too long to do that, lol.

Now that I have most of the products added back I can concentrate on my other web site; “Junk Journal Supplies”. I have a lot of previews to make for that shop also. I just can’t seem to find enough time in the day to do everything I want anymore. Don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if I’m getting tired more often, lol. Anyhoo, I hope you all have a wonderful week and hugs,

New Kits In The Shop!

I have a few new scrap kits in the shop. I upgraded an older regular sized tagger kit into a mega sized tagger kit. It includes 24 pattern papers, 2 alpha sets and 100 elements. Besides the mega kit I also added some tagger kits to the shop I had completely forgotten about, lol. The new ones that have been added are; Artisan, Free Bird, Love Letters, Little Ones, Marzipan, May Flowers, Pretty Baby, Simple Life, Sugar Shock, Whispery and Wonder Years.

If you had an account in my old shop you’ll need to create a new one.  The reason for this is because my database was deleted by my other web host so I moved over to this one. So, because this is a different web host the files have also changed. So that’s why you’ll need to create a new account. Hope you understand that. I know it can be complicated if you don’t know anything about web hosting but when the files for one host are moved to another, new databases have to be created for all the files and so those become new files on a different web server.

To create a new account is easy. Just click on the link above that reads”My Account”. It will take you to a page so you can create a new account for my shop. If you need any help in doing that, please let me know. You can send me an email using the email address below: