Let’s Try This Again, Lol

Okay, let’s try this again, lol. I will be reopening my shop for a little while because I received some emails about keeping my shop open. I had the same thing happen before and afterwards those same people who asked me to keep the shop open, didn’t purchase anything from my shop either so I’m not sure how that is going to work out but whatever, lol.

At the moment I am busy uploading all my products back to my site. This is really taking awhile to do because there are so many of them. Oh and guess what? I found some other products I had totally forgotten about too. lol.

Now, if you had an account created in my shop before, you’ll need to recreate one again because my site has been moved from one web host to another and the databases used for each web host is completely different so you won’t find any of your recent account information in the new shop I had to recreate. whew…I hope you understood that.

Please check back in a day or so so that I can get all the products uploaded and create the products for purchase in my shop too. It all takes time to set up a shop like mine since there are so many products to add by hand. I will also be offering the “Buy My Store” sale again for those who asked about that in the emails too.

Thanks for the support and hugs,