What’s New?

Well we finally got the carpet laid down in the living room (a few weeks ago) after the entire floor in there had to be replaced from water damage. And finally yesterday I started moving the living room furniture back into the living room. Yes, I moved the living room furniture all by myself. And omg, what a challenge that was considering I am a girl and with not too many muscles, lol. I wouldn’t consider myself a “moving heavy objects around the house” type of girl either but I managed to do it by a lot of pushing and pulling until I finally got the job done. And boy am I ever glad that part is finished.

Now, what I really wanted to tell you about is that I have started back crafting and decided to try out the fascinating world of making junk journals. All I can say is wow. This is something that I should be doing all the time because apparently I have all the collected stuff for it. I have been collecting craft stuff for years like fabric, ribbon, lace, tatting, buttons, beads, etc.. You name it, I’ve collected it, lol.

So anyway, I have purchased a new domain name for my crafting shop but I will have to wait until I can at least get a few junk journals completed before I can place them for sale in that shop. By the way, I also make little quilts and other crafts (mostly out of recycled stuff) that I will be adding to that shop as well. I just wanted to let you all know about the new craft stuff I’ll be into next. It’s going to be exciting to start something new with all the old stuff I have, lol.

Thanks for reading and hugs, Mod Girl