Database problem last night

Hi everyone. My database went down sometime last night. Anyone who had been registered to my site will need to re-register again. These things do happen sometimes but it’s all been fixed now and I have a new database for registered users. So, in order to make any purchases in my shop you will need to re-register again. Sorry for the trouble and hugs, Mod Girl.

So forgetful, lol

Okay, so I am an idiot. Yeah. I actually forgot all about adding all the rest of my products to my scrapbook shop. I was visiting my page to check on something and did a quick browse into my shop and realized it was pretty bare and then I remembered that I had planned on adding all my products the next day but then I started doing something else and forgot all about it, lol. So, yeah. I’m an idiot. LMAO.

Anyhoo, I have added a few into my digital commercial use product area but I am not even half way done on adding all of it yet. So, apparently it’s going to take me a little longer than expected because I have so much stuff to add, lol. But don’t worry, just as soon as I get it all added to my shop (finally) I will then have a sale and you’ll be able to purchase my products for a much lower price. I mean who doesn’t like a sale, right?

So, thanks for stopping by and sorry I am such a doofus sometimes, lol. hugs, PL aka Mod Girl.