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    Coupon Code!

    You can save 25% off ALL products for the entire month of November when you use the coupon code below: Nov25 However, there is a minimum spend of $5.00 for each time you use the coupon. FYI – The more you spend in one session will add up to more savings in the long run. Thanks for stopping by and hugs, Mod Girl

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    New products and old products updated

    Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by (again), lol. I have been updating a few of my older tagger kits and also created a new kit from one of my really old freebies I made years ago. I thought it was about time to do some updating of some of my older scrap kits so that’s what I’ve been busy doing the past few days. If you visit my shop you’ll notice that there are (so far) 3 categories for my scrap kits; Digital kits, Mega Kits and Tagger Kits. But I will also be adding other categories also. Stay tuned for those very soon. I have to make some…

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    An Update

    Hello there and thanks for stopping by! I wanted to let you know about the recent update with my commercial use products. I have decided NOT to sell anymore of my commercial use products. The reason for this is because #1, I’ve made so many that it was going to take me forever to upload them all. #2, I don’t have all the previews created for all the stuff I wanted to sell and finally #3, I have decided to use them in my own scrap kits (digital and tagger sized) which will help me to use some of this stuff I’ve been making over the years. lol. Also, from…

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    Working On It, lol

    I am working on adding my products back to my shop. At the rate I am going though, it might actually take awhile, lol. FYI, It does take time to type out each product, add a description, upload a preview of each product and then add the price too. And, I have to do this for each individual product because the system won’t do it for me automatically. So, if you’re visiting this site and wondering why it’s taking so long to get everything completed, well there you go, lol. I think that pretty much explains what I’m dealing with here.

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