Hi and welcome to my shop! Inside you will find all my scrap kits and some other products that I’ve made over the years. To make a purchase in my shop please be sure and create a new account first. The old shop was deleted awhile back so if you were registered before, you’ll need to re-register again. Sorry about that!

Registering is very easy to do. Just click on the link above that reads “My Account” and create a new one. After you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to download any products that you purchased in my shop, right from your downloads area. It should be listed in the menu area of your account page.

About Comments:

Please know that ALL comments for this site are disabled. And any transactions are done by PayPal ONLY. We DO NOT collect ANY personal information from users other than their email address because they are required to create an account which uses an email to login to the shop. Other than that, nope, we do not collect any identifiable information from our registered users. However, much like everyone else, your ip address may be collected for using cookies throughout this site. Cookies are seeing what pages you visited and which pages are more popular than others. We don’t keep that information forever. Our site is equipped to delete all cookies after a mater of time and then that process will start all over again.

About Spam:

We don’t like spam and that is the reason why all comments are disabled for this site. It takes time to wade through hundreds of spam comments and in all honestly, we would rather be doing something else. If you are creating an account at this site to mainly leave comments then I’m afraid you are just wasting your time. And if you are creating an account with the idea of trying to collect our customers information then that would be hard to do considering we use a database that is password protected and unless you have the password to our database (which is highly unlikely) you will never be able to see any of that information anyway, lol.

About my products:

My scrapbook products come in 2 sizes. Digital and Tagger sized. The tagger sized scrap kits are best for making web page graphics, email stationery and/or creating signature tags. The digital scrap kits are best for printing out and using in traditional scrapbook projects. ALL my scrap kits are for YOUR personal use ONLY. You may NOT use them for commercial use at anytime. If you need some commercial use products for digital scrapbook projects, you might want to check out my other shop where you’ll find a few of my digital prints for scrapbook journal making. My craft site can be found HERE.