UPDATED August 28th, 2018

My Personal TOU:

My scrap kits are for YOUR personal use only. They are not intended for commercial use, CU4CU, Scrap 4 Hire, etc..

For Web Use

My scrap kits are not to be used for web design. You MAY however use my scrap kits to create stationery for
html emails (Outlook, Thunderbird or Incredimail) AS LONG AS you place credit in the footer of each email with a link back to my site.

About Your Purchases:

I use PayPal as a payment gateway when selling online. However, you DO NOT need to signup for PayPal in order to make any purchases! You can pay with your credit card if you like. Business owners who use PayPal to sell online are charged $0.30 cents AND 2.9 percent per transaction. Any additional amount added to your order will reflect these fees that are set by PayPal.

About My CU Scrapbook Graphics:

My Commercial Use scrapbook graphics are for your commercial use and/or personal use. Whatever you create using my cu products may be sold to others but you must let them know that the product they are purchasing is for there personal use ONLY. And,
you MUST incorporate my scrapbook graphics with your own in order to create a
new graphic which in return you can re-sell to others. You MAY NOT sell anything
you create using my CU scrapbook graphics as CU4CU!

About My Tagger Sized Scrap Kits:

A credit on your tag is no longer required but if you feel the need here is what your credit should look like when added to your tags:

Scrap Kit by Mod Girl

About My Digital Sized Scrap Kits:

If you create any layouts using my digital kits and upload them to the web then a link back to my site is required! You may also create layouts for others using my digital scrap kits but you MAY NOT under any circumstances make a profit from it.


I DO NOT allow illegal file sharing of my scrapbook graphics. ANYONE who is caught sharing ANY my scrapbook graphics with others will have there account removed from the downloads area of this site. And any funds will become null and void if that happens.

In other words; If you are ever caught sharing my files from the downloads area; you WILL NOT be able to log back  into the downloads area in the future. And any money you paid for a subscription into the paid downloads area will NOT be refunded back to you.